Welsh singer Charlotte Church admits ‘she’s no longer a millionaire’ as she swaps mansion for semi-detached home

24 April 2024, 00:18 | Updated: 24 April 2024, 05:07

Charlotte Church says she has had to downsize her mansion to a semi-detached house.
Charlotte Church says she has had to downsize her mansion to a semi-detached house. Picture: Getty/Alamy

By Jenny Medlicott

Welsh singer and former child prodigy Charlotte Church has admitted she’s ‘no longer a millionaire’ and has been forced to swap her mansion for a semi-detached house.

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Ms Church, 38, the former Voice of an Angel singer amassed a fortune of £25 million by the age of 11 before she went on to become a teen pop star, with songs including Crazy Chick.

But now over 20 years on, Ms Church has admitted that she’s now living a more humble lifestyle and has downsized her home, swapping her £1.5 million mansion ‘The Spinney’ for a semi-detached house.

Speaking to Closer Magazine about the decision to move from the mansion she bought in 2013, Ms Church said: “I'm not a millionaire anymore.

“What mattered to me when I bought The Spinney is it was absolutely beautiful and close to the forest and it was a big mansion house.

"We had a school there for a bit and a studio. When it is used by the community, it makes sense, but when it is not used, it doesn’t. We want to be in the mainframe and be involved in life and what it feels like."

Ms Church shot to fame at age 11 after singing Andrew Lloyd Webber's Pie Jesu in 1997.

She went on to perform in front of countless high-profile figures, including the late Queen, President Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II.

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Charlotte Church has revealed she's 'not a millionaire anymore'.
Charlotte Church has revealed she's 'not a millionaire anymore'. Picture: Getty

She continued: “I was very fairy-tale-like and then it gets into this dark, twisted fairy tale.

"When I think back on it now, the path I am on is very interesting in the way I reflect rather than the way I look at what happened to me."

The former childhood star also opened up about her time in the limelight in her younger years, admitting that she was never sure she wanted to be in the public eye.

“When I made money, I did say to my dad when I was 14, ‘I am not sure about this showbiz stuff. I am really not having a good time’ and he was like, ‘Just stick at it as we don’t get these opportunities’,” she continued.

Charlotte Church was a child prodigy.
Charlotte Church was a child prodigy. Picture: Alamy

“I did get to a stage in my teenage years, about 16 or 17, when I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can sing this s** t anymore’, but going around the world and singing in the biggest concert halls was phenomenal and I will be grateful for that experience.

"It’s the biggest tool for healing and the biggest tool we have for togetherness."

Ms Church also revealed that she has made a return to singing after decades away from the music industry.

“Now I am able to do things that I am passionate about," she said.

"I feel deep at the core of my purpose, it is about healing and it always has been singing classical songs. People felt soothed by that. It is a deep part of my purpose."