Eddie Redmayne says he made 'mistake' playing trans role in The Danish Girl

22 November 2021, 17:44

Eddie Redmayne said he regrets taking the role.
Eddie Redmayne said he regrets taking the role. Picture: Alamy

By Emma Soteriou

Actor Eddie Redmayne has said it was a "mistake" playing a trans role in 2015's The Danish Girl.

The film saw a mixed response upon its release, with some arguing a trans actor should have instead been offered the role.

Upon reflection, Mr Redmayne said he would turn the role down, if he were offered it again.

"No, I wouldn't take it on now. I made that film with the best intentions, but I think it was a mistake," he told The Sunday Times.

"The bigger discussion about the frustrations around casting is because many people don't have a chair at the table.

"There must be a levelling, otherwise we are going to carry on having these debates."

The Fantastic Beasts star previously voiced his support for the trans community, saying respect for them remained a "cultural imperative", after author JK Rowling received a backlash for controversial comments on the topic.

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Eddie Redmayne starred alongside Alicia Vikander in the film.
Eddie Redmayne starred alongside Alicia Vikander in the film. Picture: Alamy

However, at the time of the film's release, he told IndieWire: "I hope – as an actor one hopes – that one should be able to play any sort of part if one plays it with a sense of integrity and responsibility."

Mr Redmayne was nominated for an Oscar thanks to his role as Lile Elbe, one of the first people to ever have gender reassignment surgery.

It comes as the actor is set to star in a new production of Cabaret, taking on the role of Emcee.

"Of all the characters I’ve ever read, this one defies pigeonholing," Mr Redmayne said. "I would ask people to come and see it before casting judgment."