Exact date Brits to bask in two weeks of sunshine as temperatures soar to 21C

17 April 2024, 06:50

Temperatures are set to soar in the coming weeks
Temperatures are set to soar in the coming weeks. Picture: Getty/WXCharts
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

New weather maps show the country is expected to get a lot warmer in the coming weeks, with temperatures expected to soar to around 21C.

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According to Netweahther.tv, the warmer weather is expected to come in by the end of the month after cooler temperatures this week.

In London, it is forecast to hit 21C on April 30, before rising even further as we head into May.

But as is often the case, it won't just be the south that gets to bask in the warmer temperatures.

In is currently forecast to hit 20C in Liverpool and 19C in the east Midlands, and possibly even in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

In fact, it could even reach record temperatures, according to one weather expert, the Express reports.

It's going to get warmer later this month, it is understood
It's going to get warmer later this month, it is understood. Picture: Getty
London could hit 21C on April 30
London could hit 21C on April 30. Picture: WXCharts

“Well it’s not home and hosed just yet but the trend is moving into position. Iberian or African plumes are behind the times when the UK does receive much above average temperatures,” British Weather Services' Jim Dale said.

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“Iberia has already witnessed record temperatures for the time of year and before long I’ve no doubt we will join the global throng of countries that have seen or are seeing record or near record temperatures.”

He went on: “We will not be immune and late April/early May could well deliver that.”

What does the Met Office say?

The Met Office also predicts a warm start to May
The Met Office also predicts a warm start to May. Picture: Alamy

Naturally, the Met Office is much more cautious about predicting temperatures weeks into the future.

However, it does have a long-range forecast, which runs until the middle of May.

According to that forecast, April into May will see “a good deal of dry weather continuing for many areas”.

It goes on: “As we move further into May signals are finely balanced between drier than average and wetter than average conditions.

“As such fairly typical conditions are likely, with some good spells of dry weather just about anywhere, but also some more unsettled, showery interludes. Temperatures are likely to trend toward the warm side of average.”