Just Stop Oil: What do they want and who funds it?

29 November 2022, 12:19

Just Stop Oil protestors in London
Just Stop Oil protestors have caused huge disruption to London and surrounding areas. Picture: Alamy

By Zoe Adams

Who are Just Stop Oil? Everything you need to know as environmental activist group plan more action in London.

Just Stop Oil has been causing huge delays, chaos and disruption in recent months as they continue eco-protests against current plans for fuel and energy.

Blocking the M25 and climbing the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge for 36 hours, meaning no traffic could cross, have been just some of their recent action plans as they raise awareness for current environmental issues.

Protesters are also currently staging two weeks worth of action in London which began on November 28 where. They began by slowly walking along Shepherd's Bush Green, west London at around 8am. They also blocked traffic in Aldwych, central London.

In a recent interview with LBC, Met's Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist said that a huge amount of time - 12,000 shifts' worth or many thousands of working hours - had been dedicated to clearing roads and patrolling motorways in an attempt to limit Just Stop Oil's disruption.

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So who are Just Stop Oil and what do they want? Here's everything you need to know about the group including who funds it:

Just Stop Oil protestors are fighting new government fossil fuel plans
Just Stop Oil protestors are fighting new government fossil fuel plans. Picture: Alamy

Who are Just Stop Oil?

Just Stop Oil are an environment activist group who were formed after Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain.

Organisers from both these causes got together to create the protesting group which have conducted movements such as football pitch invasions, street protests and causing disruption at oil terminals.

They have also spray painted buildings in London and threw tomato soup over Vincent van Gogh's Sunflower painting at the National Gallery.

Their methods for getting attention have faced plenty of criticism from the public who have been caught up in their delays.

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What do Just Stop Oil Want?

The activist group's main goal is to stop the government bringing in new licenses that will permit exploring, developing and producing further oil and fossil fuels in the UK.

Currently, the government plans to license more than 100 new oil and gas projects by 2025.

Their specific wishes to help combat the climate crisis also include wanting better renewable energy investments and for better building installation to avoid energy waste.

Protestors being arrested in London
Protestors are taking up a lot of Met Police time. Picture: Alamy

Who funds Just Stop Oil?

According to the group's website, the majority of their funding comes from the Climate Emergency Fund - an organisation which supports climate activists around the world.

They can also receive donations from members of the public.