When will the UK heatwave end? A look into the weather forecast

15 June 2023, 10:37 | Updated: 15 June 2023, 11:06

Temperature gauge alongside a picture of the sun setting over a hot London
The UK heatwave has gripped many parts of the country this year as the summer officially arrive. Picture: Alamy

By Zoe Adams

Parts of the UK have been basking in 30 degree heat this week as June brings the summer's first heatwave - but how long will it last? Met Office delivers latest weather update.

Many places in the UK, including London, Essex and Kent have found themselves in the grips of a heatwave this past week as temperatures have remained around 30 degrees for a number of consecutive days.

The heatwave, which began the weekend of June 10th, has not only brought soaring temperatures but also threats of wildfire as risk warnings are raised to "very high" over large parts of England and Wales.

But with the weather forecast predicting more hot and sunny weather, and with many still remembering the incredible heat of summer 2022 where temperatures reached a staggering 40.2C, the UK is concerned with just how long this heatwave will last.

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Here's the latest forecast and Met Office predictions including when the next possible heatwave could be.

People sitting on the grass in the sunshine
Cities across the UK have been battling temperatures of 27C or more for the past week. Picture: Alamy

When will the UK heatwave end?

While many parts of the UK this week have witnessed temperatures of 27C or more, the temperature will take a slight dip as we approach the weekend.

London and surrounding areas, where typically the highest temperatures are recorded, will see sunshine, cloud and chances of rain in temperatures of 25C.

As the week carries on, the 20th and 21st of June will see highs of just 24C which will be a welcome break for some.

When is the next UK heatwave?

Weather in the UK is not currently expected to reach the record-breaking highs of 2022 but things are definitely warming up.

Talking about the warming weather, Dan Stroud, a meteorologist from the Met Office, explained: “The weather will try and settle down on Tuesday and mid-week. But it will maintain this well-above-average temperature. Most of the UK will meet heatwave criteria.”

As we enter the final days of June, temperatures are expected to soar again with conditions becoming much clearer.

The Met Office has said heat will "more likely to be above average in general” until July 8.

A packed park with people sitting and laying in the heat
Brits have been basking in the heatwave and sunny conditions that have swept the country. Picture: Alamy

Public enjoy hot weather in London

What is the definition of a heatwave?

A hot stint of weather officially becomes a heatwave when an 'extended period of hot weather happens relative to the expected conditions of the area at that time of year'.

In the UK, a heatwave title is met when a spot records at least three consecutive days with a maximum temperature that meets or exceeds the temperature threshold. This threshold is county dependent in the UK.