Family of Jo Cox pay tribute five years after her murder

16 June 2021, 12:55 | Updated: 16 June 2021, 14:01

Jo Cox was murdered on 16 June 2016
Jo Cox was murdered on 16 June 2016. Picture: PA

By Emma Soteriou

Jo Cox's family have paid tribute to her five years after her death, saying they remain optimistic about the future and that they miss her "every day."

The Labour MP was shot and stabbed in her constituency - Batley and Spen - by a far-right supporter in June 2016.

Her sister, Kim Leadbeater, is now standing as the Labour candidate for the upcoming by-election in the same constituency.

However she suspended campaigning for the fifth anniversary of Ms Cox's death.

A statement from the whole family said: "We all miss Jo every day. Her energy, warmth, passion, humour and love.

"She looked for and believed in the best of people and the best of our country, for what unites us, rather than where we disagree.

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Jo Cox's sister, Kim Leadbeater, met with Labour leader Keir Starmer as a part of her campaign trail.
Jo Cox's sister, Kim Leadbeater, met with Labour leader Keir Starmer as a part of her campaign trail. Picture: PA

"We remain optimistic that her vision of a country where we are better at recognising what we have in common is gradually getting closer.

"Though our family has been devastated by our loss, we still feel Jo's love as a mum, wife, daughter, sister and auntie every single day of our lives."

Members of Parliament also paid tribute to Ms Cox during Prime Minister's Questions.

Boris Johnson said: "My thoughts, and I'm sure those of the whole house, are with her family and friends."

Labour leader Keir Starmer said: "Jo had already changed so many lives for the better. She was passionate about creating a fairer, more just world.

"I know she would have gone on to achieve so much more and that she would have been so proud of the work of her foundation and what it's doing in her name."

The Jo Cox Foundation was set up after her death and campaigns under the banner "More in Common" in an attempt to bring people together.