Family in row with Ryanair after being charged £165 to check-in at airport 'despite showing printed boarding passes'

18 September 2023, 18:39

The dispute has been referred to a resolution scheme
The dispute has been referred to a resolution scheme. Picture: Getty
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

A family was charged £165 to check into their Ryanair flight despite arriving at the airport with printed boarding passes.

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Damian Lloyd says he had already checked him and his family into the airport when they arrived with their boarding passes.

But when they tried to get through to security, the barcodes from their printed boarding passes did not work, meaning they had to pay Ryanair to check in again.

Mr Lloyd tried to reclaim the money later on but the airline said they had unchecked before the flight, justifying the £165 fee.

The dispute has now been referred to an independent resolution service.

Ryanair says the family checked themselves out
Ryanair says the family checked themselves out. Picture: Getty

According to Mr Lloyd, Ryanair staff at the airport were also confused by the boarding passes not working.

"He looked on the computer, and our names and seat numbers came up. But for some reason [the boarding passes] weren't scanning. He didn't know why," he told the BBC.

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The employee allegedly told Mr Lloyd he would be able to get a refund for the fee.

But "Ryanair came up with every excuse under the sun", according to the disgruntled holidaymaker.

A spokesperson for the airline said: "[The family] unchecked themselves on the website on 22 July and ignored the pop-up that warned them they would have to check in again and generate new boarding passes.

"As they didn't have valid boarding passes, they were correctly charged the airport check-in fee."