Devastating footage shows scale of flood-ravaged Skiathos as Brit holidaymakers trapped in hotels and airports

6 September 2023, 09:49

Flash flooding has locked down the island
Flash flooding has locked down the island. Picture: Social media

By Emma Soteriou

Devastating footage has shown the flood-ravaged streets of Skiathos after a "biblical" storm hit, leaving Brits trapped in hotels and airports.

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Flash flooding hit the island of Skiathos, east of the Greek mainland, this week, leaving hundreds of British tourists stranded.

Horrific footage showed water sweeping cars into the sea and turning roads into rivers, with holidaymakers turning to social media to beg for help.

At least one person has been killed after being carried away by the flood waters and another was reported missing during the downpours.

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UK-bound flights from the Greek Island have been cancelled as the region continues to be battered by the severe rainstorms.

At least 300 tourists, understood to be mainly British nationals, remain stranded at the airport, with images showing them sleeping on the airport floors.

Meanwhile, others have been trapped inside their hotels with no electricity and struggling to get in contact with their loved ones.

Jet2 said all its flights due to depart the island on Tuesday and Wednesday - five in total - have been cancelled.

The airline said it was monitoring the forecast and will confirm new departure times as soon as possible.

Four flights scheduled from the UK to the Island on Wednesday have also been cancelled.

Holidaymaker Emma Taylor, who is among those stranded on the island, told MailOnline: "This is a serious storm. Flooding in our hotel corridors, ceilings, power cuts, and we're lucky as we're up high at the Skiathos Palace, Koukounaries.

"Some guests have been asked to check out of their rooms."

She told Sky the situation was "literally off the scale", adding: "It's just been biblical."

Another holidaymaker said: "Food supplies are running out at the hotel. No more can be supplied because the road by our hotel has collapsed.

"The rain has been heavy for around 36 hours. Our hotel is now homing local families who have lost theirs on the beach."

Greece has also been battling wildfires in recent weeks due to soaring temperatures.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis blamed the extreme weather conditions on climate change, while conceding that his centre-right government "clearly didn't manage things as well as we would have liked" on the wildfire front.

"I am afraid that the careless summers, as we knew them ... will cease to exist and from now on the coming summers are likely to be ever more difficult," he said on Tuesday.