Furious City banker yelled at bosses after being awarded 'mere' £300,000 bonus

2 August 2022, 05:46

Mir Filippi became infuriated after being awarded his bonues
Mir Filippi became infuriated after being awarded his bonues. Picture: Getty/LinkedIn

By Will Taylor

A City banker became "infuriated" and yelled at his bosses after they awarded him a "mere" annual bonus of £300,000, an employment tribunal has been told.

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Fabio Filippi deemed the sum offered by his superiors at BNP Paribas London to be "unacceptable'.

He would go on to be sacked after they found him to be an "expensive resource who didn't add value", the tribunal heard.

Mr Filippi, an Italian who joined the French bank in 1999, has lost his unfair dismissal case.

He earned a £700,000 bonus in 2009 after meeting revenue targets between €10m and €20m and raked in bonuses of £3.25m in total between then and 2016, by which time his bosses believed his performances had declined.

A report by the tribunal said the bank "decided to award [Mr Filippi] a bonus of €400,000 for 2016… that was €140,000 less than he had been awarded the previous year".

The report said: "He was infuriated by the decision to award him "a mere" €400,000 bonus and said that it was unacceptable.

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The City banker was angered he was awarded a £300,000 bonus
The City banker was angered he was awarded a £300,000 bonus. Picture: LinkedIn

"He shouted at [one of his bosses] and said that he was being treated unfairly because he was not French and not based in Paris.

"He said that he was the best manager among his peers as evidenced by the performance of his team and that if he wanted to he could find a new job in a matter of a few days."

His performances continued to decline in 2017 and his team complained about his style of management, the report said, before staff found his "usefulness to the business had run its course".

Mr Filippi was sacked and told he had six months to get another job.

His claim that he was sacked for whistleblowing was dismissed by the employment judge.

He now runs a luxury lifestyle property firm, according to his LinkedIn profile.