'Hunt them down and lock them up': Suella Braverman demands police crackdown after Oxford Street chaos

10 August 2023, 12:17 | Updated: 10 August 2023, 12:43

Disorder broke out after a TikTok call for a rampage on Oxford Street
Disorder broke out after a TikTok call for a rampage on Oxford Street. Picture: Alamy

By Will Taylor

Police must "hunt down and lock up" those behind the disorder on Oxford Street and central London, home secretary Suella Braverman has demanded.

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Young people scuffled with officers after calls on TikTok for a "mass shoplift".

A heavy police presence arrived at the shopping hotspot on Wednesday, with some officers mounted on horseback.

They arrested nine people and gave out 34 dispersal orders - effectively kicking people out of the area - while footage showed some scuffles with officers as they searched young people.

Later, dozens of young people were making their way on Shaftesbury Avenue and a McDonald's and a gift shop were attacked, while a store in Soho had to fight off would-be shoplifters.

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Youths in Oxford Street rampage must be ‘hunted down’, says Braverman

Some fights broke out among the young people.

Two people were arrested in Essex for conspiracy to commit robbery in relation to social media posts.

Other arrests in London included one for going equipped to steal, one for assaulting a police officer and breaches of dispersal orders.

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Braverman tweeted on Thursday: "We cannot allow the kind of lawlessness seen in some American cities to come to the streets of the UK.

"The police have my full backing to do whatever necessary to ensure public order.

"Those responsible must be hunted down & locked up. I expect nothing less from the @metpoliceuk and have requested a full incident report."

Disorder broke out at a McDonald's on Oxford Street
Disorder broke out at a McDonald's on Oxford Street. Picture: Alamy
Police detained and searched people in central London
Police detained and searched people in central London. Picture: Alamy

Footage taken by LBC shows two young men being detained on Oxford Street, with police bringing one person to the ground.

Four more officers restrained another young man outside McDonald's on the street as a crowd gathered there.

Boots and Sports Direct briefly shut.

Sadiq Khan had urged people who saw the social media videos to stay away.

"Do not allow yourself to be sucked into an area that could be a high-crime area," the mayor of London said.

The videos told users to go to Oxford Street and wear balaclavas and gloves as part of the "dress code".

Targets included JD Sports as users were told to "rob" shops.

One advert said: "Don't come if you can't run."