Hospital investigating claims 'visibly Jewish' nine-year-old child 'mistreated by Pro-Palestine nurses'

22 March 2024, 10:25 | Updated: 22 March 2024, 11:15

Claims were made that a Jewish child was mistreated by some nurses at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital
Claims were made that a Jewish child was mistreated by some nurses at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. Picture: Google Maps/LinkedIn

By Flaminia Luck

An NHS trust is investigating claims a nine-year-old Jewish patient was "denied correct medical care" by a number of "Pro-Palestine" nurses at a hospital in Manchester.

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The claims were made by a relative of the boy who is from the UK but is now based in Tel Aviv, Israel. They were posted to LinkedIn on Thursday.

He claimed his nephew, who lives in the UK, needs regular treatment at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital due to a rare blood disorder.

The post says his "visibly Jewish" nephew "was kicked out of his bay, by one of the nurses who was covered in Pro-Palestine badges and stickers" and due to that "had to lie on the floor with a canula in".

"Now the damage is done and my proudly Jewish nephew (and his parents) is scared to not get treatment if he wears his Kippa and tzitzit.

"Coincidentally, today when not visibly Jewish, he received quick care. Also worth noting, prior to the conflict he received excellent care," the post adds.

The 9-year-old's uncle says his nephew usually wears his black Kippa and tzitzit "proudly"
The 9-year-old's uncle says his nephew usually wears his black Kippa and tzitzit "proudly". Picture: LinkedIn

"What the actual fu*k is going on? Is this the world we will live in? Is it 1940 again?

"It is terrifying to be a Jew in the world again. (Picture 1 lying on the floor visibly Jewish last week. Picture 2 today, note the lack of anything showing he's Jewish)

"To be honest I'm not sure what can be done. At the very least I firmly believe that public medical healthcare professionals shouldn't be wearing political pins that make people/children, scared/nervous/worry," the post reads.

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On Twitter, MFT NHS said: "We are aware of images and very serious claims which are circulating on social media. We are rapidly investigating these to establish the situation and are discussing them with the family involved.

"Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital is committed to providing high-quality care to all of our patients," the post said.

Screenshots of the LinkedIn post were then shared to Twitter by Countdown presenter Rachel Riley, who is Jewish.

She said: "The family has made a formal complaint through the Jewish Rep Council in Manchester who have asked for this to be investigated as a matter of extreme urgency.

"This little boy needs ongoing care and it is not acceptable for him and his family to fear using the NHS."

'Catastrophic repercussions'

On Thursday, the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester wrote to the CEO of the hospital and NHS trust to voice their "grave concern and demand action is taken immediately".

The letter says the incident could have "catastrophic repercussions" for the Jewish community if they were to feel that they were not safe going to hospital.

View of Royal Manchester Children's Hospital
Royal Manchester Children's Hospital is investigating the claims. Picture: Getty

"We are asking you, as the representative body of the Greater Manchester Jewish communty, to investigate this as a matter ot extreme urgency.

"This is naturally hugely concerning that a Jewish family have been targeted due to the conflict in the Middle East.

We are sure vou will agree it is imperative all patients are treated the same irrespective of their race or religion."

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They have also asked for the trust to clarify their position on wearing political statements on NHS uniforms at work.

North West Friends of Israel also tweeted: "No Jewish patient should be made to hide their identity or feel intimidated when seeking NHS treatment because of those who hate Israel."

The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital is the largest and busiest children’s hospital in the UK with 371 paediatric beds.