Levi Bellfield’s fiancée says he's 'not a monster' and has 'changed' after 17 years in jail

13 May 2022, 16:00

Serial killer Levi Bellfield is currently serving life in prison
Serial killer Levi Bellfield is currently serving life in prison. Picture: Getty

By Megan Hinton

Serial killer Levi Bellfield's fiancée has said he has "changed" and "is not a monster" after spending 17 years behind bars.

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The triple murderer who will never be released from prison has asked for permission to marry after proposing to a new lover who describes herself as "very educated and intelligent".

According to reports, the pair met through mutual friend and serial killer Peter Sutcliff, who lived on the same prison wing at HMP Frankland.

A source told the Sun that the woman was friends "for years" with the Yorkshire ripper before "jealous" Bellfield asked for permission to send her a letter after spotting her picture on Sutcliff's wall.

The pair exchanged, letters, gifts and poems before moving to calling each other and eventually meeting each other during prison visitation where they "kissed and cuddled".

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Levi Bellfield Gets "Whole Life" Sentence For Two Murders And Attempted Murder
Levi Bellfield Gets "Whole Life" Sentence For Two Murders And Attempted Murder. Picture: Getty

Bellfield's fiancée, a belong woman in her 40's, said she is "extremely non-judgemental", telling the Mirror: "He is not a monster. Yes he has a bad past, but 17 years in prison changes a person.

"He has changed, he has remorse, and there are always reasons a person goes wrong in life.

"There is always a far bigger picture. He is 53 years old, still young and has to live knowing he will just grow old and die in that horrendous place."

The notorious inmate she is due to wed was convicted in 2008 of killing 19-year-old Marsha McDonnell in 2003 and 22-year-old Amelie Delagrange in 2004 in south-west London.

He was also convicted of attempting to murder Kate Sheedy, 18, in 2004.

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Justice Minister: It is appalling Levi Bellfield is trying to marry in prison

As he served his sentence for those crimes, he was put on trial for killing Milly Dowler, the 13-year-old schoolgirl, in Surrey in 2002.

He was found guilty of abducting and killing her after a trial in 2011.

The 53-year-old has also reportedly confessed in February in a written statement to killing Lin and Megan Russell.

Mother Lin and daughter Megan, 6, were tied up and beaten to death in a brutal attack in 1996. Megan's sister Josie, 9, was also attacked and survived, although she sustained horrific injuries.

Bellfield's ex-wife and mother to two of his 11 children, reacted to the news by saying: "Maybe she thinks she can change him. I feel sorry for her."

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Prisons Minister Victoria Atkins told LBC's Nick Ferrari that she will do "everything in her power" to stop the serial killer from marrying his pen pal behind bars.

Victoria Atkins said: "It is absolutely appalling, and just to reassure your listeners in terms of where we are in the process, an application I am told has been put in this came to light last night but it has not yet been considered.

"And when such an application is put in then governors will consider it and I have asked for an urgent report into what is happening but it is appalling.

"The poor victims. My heart actually is going out to the families who have lost loved ones because yet again this evil evil… I am struggling to find the word that isn’t rude.

"This evil evil monster that has yet again appeared on our front pages and I am very very conscious of the impact that that could have on the people affected by his terrible terrible crimes."

When questioned by Nick whether or not she would do "everything in her power to block" the application, she replied: "Yes absolutely."

She added: "I am very mindful that the victims of this despicable human being will not themselves be able to marry their loved ones because of the terrible terrible crimes he has committed."

Among those furious at the news, David Spencer, director of the Centre for Crime Prevention, who said: "This marriage is an insult to the families of Bellfield’s many victims.

"Given the magnitude and nature of his brutal crimes, it will turn many taxpayers’ stomachs to think that their money is being used to fund such a grotesque union.

"If it is in any way possible, the Ministry of Justice should intervene to stop this ceremony from proceeding."