Liz Truss says MPs 'love her', despite senior MPs like Gove and Shapps opposing her plans

4 October 2022, 08:58 | Updated: 7 October 2022, 13:38

Liz Truss, Michael Gove and Grant Shapps
Liz Truss, Michael Gove and Grant Shapps. Picture: Alamy
Fran Way

By Fran Way

Liz Truss says her parliamentary colleagues ‘love her’ – despite senior MPs like Michael Gove and Grant Shapps openly opposing her plans.

Speaking about the chancellor’s mini-budget in a comment piece on The Times, Grant Shapps wrote: “Tory governments aren’t supposed to do this kind of thing.”

Days before the government made an abrupt U-turn on the tax rates, Michael Gove also said that cutting tax for highest earners was wrong.

Liz Truss at day two of the Conservative Party Conference
Liz Truss at day two of the Conservative Party Conference. Picture: Getty

Nick Ferrari quizzed the PM this morning, asking: “How helpful is it having folks such as Michael Gove and Grant Shapps up in Birmingham holding their fringe meetings and giving you the benefit of their views of life?”

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She replied: “Well I love all of my parliamentary colleagues in the Conservative Party and I love hearing their opinions and talking to them and what I want.”

Nick asked her if she thinks the feeling is reciprocated, asking: “they love you?”

She replied: “So they tell me,” adding: “We face massive challenges as a country and we need to get through this economic crisis and this energy crisis, and we need Britain to come out stronger on the other side, and I want to win over hearts and minds in the country, but also amongst my parliamentary colleagues, to make sure that we are able to deliver for the people of Britain.”