Japanese man who spent £12,000 to look like a Collie now looking for 'Lassie to love'

14 September 2023, 18:04

Toko-San spent £12,000 to become a Collie
Toko-San spent £12,000 to become a Collie. Picture: Shutterstock/YouTube
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

A Japanese man who spent more than £12,000 so he looked like a Collie dog is now looking for a fellow dog lover...literally.

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The man, who goes by the name of Toko-san, spent two million yen on the collie costume - the equivalent of about £12,500.

Sharing bizarre photos and videos of his new look, he said: "I made it a Collie because it looks real when I put it on.

"I thought that a big animal close to my size would be good - considering that it would be a realistic model, so I decided to make it a dog."

Toko-san has admitted his dating options are already limited, since he is looking for a fellow 'therian', which describes a person who does not identify as a human.

“I think it would be great if something like that existed. I would like to meet them," he said.

Fake Collie lies in hammock
Fake Collie lies in hammock. Picture: YouTube

In a video of Toko-san online, he walks on screen wearing the dog costume and lifts his right paw, apparently in greeting.

He then rolls on the floor and waves his limbs in the air.

Next to him is a sign reading: "Nice to meet you."

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Toko-San said he is enjoying being the Collie
Toko-San said he is enjoying being the Collie. Picture: YouTube

Toko-san is hoping to use his skills, having transformed into a Collie, to move into the acting world.

"I think it would be great if I were able to use my skills and get the opportunity to appear as a dog in a movie."

As for how he has been finding life so far as a dog, Toko-san said the whole experience has been exciting.

"If it wasn’t a naturally large size breed, it wouldn’t look unnaturally disproportionate when worn by someone as a costume," he told the New York Post.

He continued: "There are restrictions, but you can move in it. However, if you move too much, it will not look like a dog.

"Rather than being tough or physically uncomfortable, the feelings of excitement and fun I receive from this experience are stronger."

Toko-san originally commissioned Zeppet, a company that makes costumes for TV adverts and films, to produce his bespoke costume.