Man attempting to drink 2,000 pints in 200 days admits he’s ‘messed up the maths’ - as critics blast lack of proof

19 October 2023, 16:43

Jon May says he's spent over £7900 on his challenge.
Jon May says he's spent over £7900 on his challenge. Picture: TikTok @j0nmay/Getty Images

By Ana Truesdale

A pint drinker is documenting his efforts to neck 2,000 pints in 200 days, but as his challenge draws to a close he's facing criticism over a lack of proof.

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25-year-old Jon May has been dubbed a “national treasure” by one of his followers for trying to drink 2,000 pints in 200 days.

Reaching the 198th day of his drinking challenge, Jon has been tracking his spending and calorie intake.

He claims he’s drunk a total of 361,998 calories and spent at least £7,956.

His mammoth challenge means he’ll have to drink 11 pints over the last two days to reach his goal.

He says he’s been drinking mainly lager and cider and has drunk an average of 10 pints a day since the challenge began.

But many of his viewers are not convinced he’s actually drinking all these pints. One commenter posted: “You haven't had almost 2,000 calories of beer a day though have you Jon.”

Another viewer commented: "Anyone following from the start knows he didn’t drink a thing for nine months".

One of his viewers suggested he film a ‘day in the life’ of his drinking challenge at a pub, but he dismissed it as "not very good content."

“Ah so you just go to the pub in your head”, someone responded.

Jon has been live-streaming his trips to the pub on both TikTok and Twitch.

If he has been drinking all of those pints, then he is drinking well above the NHS-recommended 14 units per week.

Not everyone is taking a cynical approach. Some of his comments are cheering him on.

“This is peak athleticism no one more dedicated to the craft then [sic] him”, one person posted.

Another commented: “Watch it, take it in, you are witnessing greatness”.

"As someone taking a sober October, thank you for letting me live vicariously through you lad", another wrote.

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When one of his followers asked him why he was doing the challenge, Jon May said he wanted to do his bit to prop up the UK economy.

But what happens after he finishes his challenge?

Jon wants to keep posting content online, but no more challenges. He said the challenge wasn’t “very healthy”, and he’d like to become an alcohol reviewer instead.