'I was so relieved!': Mother thanks firefighters who freed toddler after her head got stuck in a toilet seat

3 November 2022, 22:34 | Updated: 3 November 2022, 22:35

Harper with the toilet seat around her head
Harper with the toilet seat around her head. Picture: Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service

By Kit Heren

A "relieved" mother has thanked the firefighters who got her toddler's head free from a toilet seat after she got trapped.

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Katy Stewart had spent the evening in her home in Wallsend, in Tyneside, trying to toilet train her daughter Harper, aged two.

She left the room and heard the cry "Mammy, I'm stuck" coming from the bathroom.

Harper had got her head stuck around her neck after trying to put it on.

Ms Stewart's 16-year-old daughter Shannon called Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS) for help after her mother tried everything to free Harper.

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"I was so relieved when the firefighters turned up, I'd been trying everything to get it off," Ms Stewart said.

She added: "They turned up blue lights and everything and the kids loved it, they were so calming and kept the other kids busy whilst helping Harper."

A fire crew dispatched from Wallsend Community Fire Station arrived at the family home just minutes after their call and used small tools to remove the potty from the toddler's head.

Ms Stewart said it was "brilliant" to see how quickly the crew were able to free Harper and added she was "grateful" for their help.

"Harper gave the firefighter a big hug once he was done," she said.

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"They even put their lights on and gave them a big wave before heading off. I was so grateful for their help that evening."

Station manager Trevor Sturrock said he was "so glad" that his crew could help the family and wished Harper well with her future potty training.

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"She had to be very still (which) can be really frightening for such a little person," Mr Sturrock said.

"Harper was very brave which helped the firefighters complete the rescue.

"I want to thank the crew for their professionalism at this incident, sometimes when you turn up people are really panicked and it's about remaining calm and calming others."