No more tax rises to 'subsidise' low incomes, Boris Johnson tells LBC

5 October 2021, 08:27 | Updated: 5 October 2021, 08:55

LBC's Nick Ferrari quizzed Boris Johnson on future tax hikes
LBC's Nick Ferrari quizzed Boris Johnson on future tax hikes. Picture: LBC

By Daisy Stephens

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told LBC he will not raise taxes further to "subsidise" lower incomes.

Speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari at the Conservative Party Conference, Mr Johnson said he "understood" how hard people work and that things could feel "difficult", saying: "We've put up the local housing allowance to help people, we've put up the winter warm homes discount and increased the living wage."

But he said: "What we won't do is take more money in tax to subsidise low pay through the welfare system."

He added: "The way forward for our country is a high wage, high skilled approach."

Watch in full: Nick Ferrari quizzes Boris Johnson at the Tory Party conference

PM says he won't raise taxes to subsidise low pay via benefits

His comments echo those made by Chancellor Rishi Sunak at the Tory Conference yesterday, who said in his speech he believed in "good work, better skills and higher wages".

Mr Sunak also said borrowing more money would be "immoral".

"Just borrowing more money and stacking up bills for future generations to pay is not just economically irresponsible, it is immoral," he said.

He added: "Whilst I know tax rises are unpopular – some will even say un-Conservative – I'll tell you what is un-Conservative: unfunded pledges, reckless borrowing and soaring debt.

"Anyone who tells you that you can borrow more today, and tomorrow will simply sort itself out, just doesn't care about the future."