President Biden appears to get lost in his own garden after White House event

25 October 2022, 10:54 | Updated: 25 October 2022, 11:09

President Biden appeared to get lost
President Biden appeared to get lost. Picture: Social Media

By StephenRigley

US President Joe Biden has sparked concern after appearing to get lost in his own garden at the White House.

Mr Biden was in his garden alongside First Lady Jill Biden after a tree-planting event for the White House's chief groundkeeper Dale Haney.

In a video shared online, Mr Haney and the First Lady share a hug as Mr Biden watches on. The President then walks away from his wife and the groundkeeper, and appears confused as he turns around to see the pair still behind him.

Mr Biden asks 'where do we go?' before pointing the other way. Mr Haney responds by saying 'you're going back up that way', with Mr Biden appearing to suggest he wanted to go the other way.

Joe Biden appears to get lost in garden

Mr Biden is then led forwards by White House staff across the south lawn as he is told by multiple people he can go 'whatever way he wants'.

Mr Haney has been at the White House since 1972, having served under a range of presidents from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump.

Concern has been expressed for President Biden's well-being in recent months as he appears to have suffered from a series of confusing moments.

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Joe Biden appears lost on stage after finishing Global Fund Conference speech

Last month, Mr Biden appeared confused as he left the stage following a speech at the Global Fund Conference in New York.

It is a big month ahead for President Biden and the Democrats as they face the mid-term elections, which could see key seats in the House and Senate switch over to the Republican Party.