Sadist accused of raping and beating male and female 'house pets' in dog collars says he 'enjoys dominating someone'

16 February 2023, 06:18

Scott Lannister
Scott Lannister. Picture: Facebook

By Kit Heren

A sadist accused of raping, beating and carving his initials into a young man and woman in dog collars has said he enjoys "the process of dominating someone".

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Scott Lannister, 34, denied rape. He is said to have suspended the young woman from the ceiling of his flat in Stirling in Scotland with a rope round her neck until she passed out, and carved his initials into the man's back.

Lannister, "long-term medically unemployed" told a court he enjoyed BDSM and "pup play", describing himself as "one of the biggest masters in the country".

Speaking at Stirling Sheriff Court, he described "pup play" as a bit "more unusual and niche" and "part of the plus in LGBTQ+".

"First and foremost you have the dog side of it," he said. "A lot of people involved in pup play describe it as a quite freeing and enjoyable experience". This involves "ball play, walks in the park, giving paws, playing with the kind of toys you'd play with as a dog" and also had a sexual side to it.

He added: "They like to serve and please the person that's handling them at the time.'I have a lot of love for my pets, but I try not to fall in love with them."

Lannister added that if his 'pets' were living with him, they had to wear collars and "open doors and do other such tasks in a manner befitting their position".

Police found tags in his home, which he described as "akin to a wedding ring or engagement ring in a relationship of a normal description."

Lannister said that beating and whipping his 'pets' was "consensual impact play". Defending the incident with the rope, he said that he had encouraged the young woman to step off a stool with a rope around her neck, but she made her own decision not to.

"She was nervous," he said. "I was encouraging her to step off but she chose what to do with her body and she chose to step off."

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He told the court: "I enjoyed the process of dominating someone consensually. Just as a masochist enjoys receiving pain for pleasure, a sadist enjoys giving pain for pleasure."

Lannister denies raping, assaulting and abusing the woman, now aged 21, and the man, now aged 28, in 2019 and 2020.

The trial continues.