SAS Trooper Shot During GCHQ Training Exercise

23 April 2019, 13:01

The Cheltenham based spy agency HQ is known locally as 'the doughnut.'
The Cheltenham based spy agency HQ is known locally as 'the doughnut.'. Picture: PA

A special forces soldier was accidentally shot with a live round and had to be sent to hospital during an exercise at GCHQ.

The SAS were conducting a simulated operation at the HQ of the Cheltenham based spy agency in January.

It is believed the exercise was designed to simulate an attack on an office environment.

Sources told the local press that weapons should have been loaded with training ammunition, which is similar to a paintball round but it seems a live round was used.

One SAS trooper was shot in the arm and is said to be recovering. The Times has reported that the elite soldier will not be discharged as a result of his injuries.

An insider told the Times that two teams of SAS troopers were role-playing opposing sides with one side taking the role of terrorists taking hostages.

An official spokesperson from GCHQ told Gloucestershire Live: "The bottom line is there is an enquiry in to it, however we are not making any comment on it at this moment."

The Ministry of Defence said that they do not comment on Special Forces matters.