Schoolgirl, 12, kicked out of class for wearing incorrect skirt as her 'hips are too wide'

6 September 2021, 16:53

Shylah Johnson was put in isolation because she was wearing the wrong skirt.
Shylah Johnson was put in isolation because she was wearing the wrong skirt. Picture: Getty

By Sophie Barnett

The parents of a 12-year-old girl who was kicked out of class for not wearing a pleated skirt have accused her school of "body shaming" their daughter.

Shylah Johnson was placed in isolation for her choice of school skirt, as it doesn't have pleats like the school's uniform policy requires.

Her parents were unable to find a pleated skirt to fit her wide hips, having searched the likes of Next and Marks & Spencer over the summer holidays, but having no luck.

The teenager attends Brookvale Groby Learning Campus in Leicestershire, and arrived back after the summer break in a plain black skirt.

She was put into isolation by her teachers for wearing the incorrect uniform.

However, the school has claimed it has been "more than reasonable and supportive" in helping find a solution.

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According to reports, Shylah's parents spent hundreds of pounds on trying to find an appropriate skirt ahead of her return to school.

Her mum Daisy told the Metro: "Because she has wide hips and a small waist the skirts don’t fit properly. So we had to get her a regular skirt that does fit, but she was immediately sent to isolation because of it not being pleated."

She said Shylah has missed two tests already this week because she can't be in full-time education, all because her skirt doesn't have pleats in it.

"She’s being discriminated against, really, because she doesn’t have a body shape for their uniform policy," she said.

Will Teece, headteacher at Brookvale Groby Learning Campus, said the school has offered a number of different options to try and help get Shylah back into classes – including offering to adjust a skirt so it fits her measurements.

Mr Teece said they have no other students who have encountered this issue and they have done all they can to support the family concerned to meet their uniform expectations, including buying a skirt, offering to take them shopping to buy a skirt or tailoring a skirt to perfectly fit.

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He added that Shylah also has the choice to wear trousers which many other students opt for.

The school has been "more than reasonable and supportive" in seeking a resolution and will continue to work with the family to ensure no further disruption to her education, said the school's headteacher.

"Any work or assessments missed has been a consequence of the student not being in school and not through any period of isolation," he added.

He said the uniform is readily available, with most key items being stocked in supermarkets and major clothing stores.

Daisy said her daughter had a "growth spurt" over the summer and claimed the affair has created anxiety issues for her daughter.