Scottish football legend has six months to live after cancer diagnosis

30 May 2022, 10:09

Andy Goram who has six months to live
Andy Goram who has six months to live. Picture: Alamy

By StephenRigley

Scottish football legend Andy Goram has been given six months to live after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and turning down chemotherapy.

The former Rangers and Manchester United goalkeeper said he would "fight like I've never fought before." after turning down chemotherapy after being told it would only give him another 12 weeks.

Goram, 58 started to feel unwell around seven weeks ago and initially thought he was suffering from bad indigestion but after a scan at Monklands Hospital was told he had level four oesophageal cancer.

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Andy Goram who has six months to live
Andy Goram who has six months to live. Picture: Alamy

Speaking to the Daily Record, Goram said: “I’ll fight like I’ve never fought before.
“I thought I had severe indigestion. It was as though my gullet was blocked. After a few weeks, it got worse and nothing was getting through.

“Everything I ate or drank didn’t get halfway to my stomach and I threw it back up.“I couldn’t get a face-to-face with my GP for two weeks, by which time I was in total agony. I’d also lost four stone in four weeks.

“I had a CT scan at Monklands, then was rushed to Wishaw General and told my next of kin should be with me."

Goram, who played 43 times for Scotland and won five Scottish league titles and three Scottish clubs with Rangers, is now looking to make the remainder of his life as bearable as possible.

He said: "Now the priority is to get the right mixture and strength of painkillers along with morphine.

"I've been given other drugs I'm not attempting to pronounce. Getting all these pills hit home just how serious this situation is. I need to take my medication religiously or I'm in big trouble."

He added: "My pain is manageable. I can still go see friends and supporters' clubs and still be myself. I'll be here as long as I possibly can. The only difference is the timebomb ticking away."