Senior Corbyn Aide Resigns Over 'Lack Of Faith Labour Can Succeed'

22 September 2019, 07:48

Senior Corbyn Aide Resigns Because He No Longer Has "Faith" Labour Can Succeed
Senior Corbyn Aide Resigns Over 'Lack Of Faith Labour Can Succeed'. Picture: PA

Andrew Fisher, Corbyn's Head of Policy and author of the party's last election manifesto, has denounced the Labour leader's team.

The Sunday Times reports that he walked out last Saturday, announcing: "I no longer have faith we will succeed."

Fisher reportedly slammed Corbyn's team for their "lack of professionalism, competence and human decency."

He is also said to have referred to their "blizzard of lies" and their focus on "class war".

He plans to leave by the end of the year but says he will stay on should there be an autumn general election.

This resignation follows a tumultuous few days for the Labour party.

The party put a last-minute halt to a controversial attempt by Momentum to remove Tom Watson's post of Deputy Leader.