Shopper who filmed Kate and William in farm shop urges 'delusional' conspiracy theorists to 'lay off' princess

20 March 2024, 05:31 | Updated: 20 March 2024, 05:32

Kate and William were pictured visiting the farm
Kate and William were pictured visiting the farm. Picture: Alamy

By Kit Heren

A father who filmed William and Kate at a farm shop has said he is convinced that he saw the princess with his own eyes.

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Nelson Silva, 40, said that "delusional" conspiracy theorists who claim that the footage did not really show Kate should "lay off".

The Princess of Wales was seen visiting a farm shop alongside her husband, with footage showing her carrying bags of shopping into the car park.

It comes amid ongoing speculation over her health and whereabouts after she stepped down from public duties while recovering from abdominal surgery.

She is not expected to return to public engagements until Easter, after having had the operation on January 17.

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Kate Middleton was seen at the Windsor Farm Shop
Kate Middleton was seen at the Windsor Farm Shop. Picture: Alamy

But despite the evidence that Kate appears alive and well, rumours have persisted that the video shows a body double.

Mr Silva said he was "not so much shocked that these comments have continued," but "just confused how exactly they can continue."

He added: "This is a video clearly showing her and William. I saw them with my own eyes. It was a completely relaxed situation.

“What more do you need to lay off her? I thought after this was released they’d go quiet. But these people are so invested in the drama now," he told the Sun.

“They’ve put so much time and energy into these rumours and lies that they can’t pull the plug.

'Comms disaster' surrounding Princess Kate's whereabouts is 'more cock up than it is conspiracy'

"Even famous people are guilty. People with a large platform online — they can’t admit they are wrong now because they look so delusional."

Mr Silva said he saw William and Kate smiling and laughing with staff in the shop. He briefly filmed them afterwards as they walked in the car park, to share with his family in Portugal.

It was only later that he realised that the video could be used to debunk some of the conspiracy theories.

Asked what he would say to the trolls, Mr Silva said: "Get a hobby. Get something better to do with your day than this.

Kate's last public appearance with the rest of the family on Christmas Day
Kate's last public appearance with the rest of the family on Christmas Day. Picture: Alamy

“I feel for Kate, after I saw her, it really hit me that, look, these are just two human beings. This is a mother who has had an operation and people should not be speaking about her in this manner.

"The people saying nasty things and jumping on the bandwagon, I think they just want to get likes. It is very sad. I’ve had operations and know what the recovery is like.

"Kate just wanted to take a walk with her husband. She looks well. I’d say, ‘Draw a line under it now’."

It comes amid news that staff members at the hospital that treated Kate for her abdominal surgery attempted to view her private medical records.

Lucy Frazer comments on Princess Kate's privacy

Kate was seen dressed in leggings and a hoodie in the clip shared with the paper.

Their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were not with them.

Kate's last public engagement was at Sandringham on Christmas Day.

Despite her not being expected to return before April 17, Kate is not thought to have ruled out joining the rest of the royal family in a traditional walk to church on Easter Sunday.

A palace source noted there had been "no confirmation either way" that she would join her family for the service, according to the Telegraph.

Kensington Palace acknowledged from the outset that when she is ready, the Princess may choose to disclose further details about her surgery and recovery.

But aides have also stressed that it she is entitled to privacy around her personal medical information.

Kate's controversial Mother's Day picture
Kate's controversial Mother's Day picture. Picture: Twitter

Speculation around Kate's absence escalated last week after she shared a family photo to mark Mother's. Day, which was later confirmed to have been edited.

Kate said she wanted to try and make the photo "the best it could be" before its release.

Six of the world's leading picture agencies including the Press Association pulled the photo from their wires and libraries amid concern that the "source has manipulated the image".

One royal source told celebrity news site Page Six: "It’s an awful lot to be under all of this public scrutiny when you are recovering from major surgery.

"Kate is recovering well and she will be back by Easter. She just needs to be left in peace."

Kensington Palace has insisted it will not be reissuing the unedited photograph of Kate and her children.

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