Captured Ukraine 'hero' who said 'Russian warship go f*** yourself' is freed

29 March 2022, 20:30 | Updated: 29 March 2022, 20:32

Hrybov, right, has been released from Russian detention
Hrybov, right, has been released from Russian detention. Picture: Getty/Ukraine MoD

By Will Taylor

The Ukrainian trooper who told a Russian warship to "go f***" itself has been freed from detention.

Border Guard serviceman Roman Hrybov was reportedly swapped in a prisoner exchange after being captured by invading forces.

He was part of the group guarding Snake Island, in the Black Sea, which made headlines when it came under attack from Vladimir Putin's navy.

Video recorded the moment he was asked to surrender, to which he responded with his now-famous curt reply.

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It was initially reported the unit had been wiped out after an attack during the early stages of the invasion but it later emerged some had been captured.

"Roman Hrybov, the author of the famous "Russian Warship, Go F*** Yourself" phrase, returned from Russian captivity to his native Cherkasy region," the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence said in a tweet.

"Glory to the Hero! #GlorytoUkraine."

The Snake Island defenders were considered heroes in the aftermath of Russia's manoeuvres against them.

Previously, Ukrainian authorities said a civilian ship had gone to the island to help after it was attacked but that vessel was detained by Russia too.

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During the encounter, radio communication between the island's defenders and the Russian Navy can be heard.

The unit is told: "This is a Russian warship. I propose you lay down your weapons and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unnecessary victims. Otherwise you will be bombed."

A male Ukrainian trooper said: "So, this is it … Should I tell them to f*** themselves?"

A female comrade replied: "Well, just in case."

Mr Hrybov replied: "Russian warship, go f*** yourself."

Later, communication with the island was cut off so the Ukrainian military was unaware what happened.