Stirring the pot: Spanish police's 'heresy' warning over Tesco paella sandwich on World Paella Day

20 September 2023, 16:20

The Tesco paella sandwich has offended Spanish police
The Tesco paella sandwich has offended Spanish police. Picture: Twitter/Alamy

By Kit Heren

Spanish police have warned their countrymen not to eat Tesco's paella sandwich on World Paella Day.

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Sharing a photo of the offending sandwich, the Guardia Civil called on its Twitter followers to celebrate the big day with a paella, "but the good ones, not those things they sell out there."

One person responded that the Tesco sandwich was "only for very clueless minds.

"Paella [should be eaten] on a plate and with family," they added.

Paella is a popular dish that combines rice with seafood or, originally, chicken or rabbit. The dish has been adapted internationally, but some Spanish people have been protective of the original recipe.

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Tesco produced the paella sandwich as a limited edition item in the early 2010s, and is no longer available.

Spanish media only seemed to notice the existence of the sandwich about five years later, and roundly criticised it.

The Guardia Civil has also long harboured disdain for the paella sandwich, which they described as "heresy" for some last year.

"For others [it is] a violent attack on good taste and it could even threaten health. We are waiting for your formal complaints."

Wednesday is World Paella Day
Wednesday is World Paella Day. Picture: Alamy

Jamie Oliver was also criticised in 2016 for using chorizo in his paella recipe, which many in Spain considered an unwelcome addition.

One person told him on Twitter: "Come to Valencia to try the real paella and stop making 'rice with whatever'. Your dish is everything but paella."