Jeremy Clarkson releases video of 'brazen thief stealing £80 of food and alcohol' from Diddly Squat farm shop

9 August 2023, 10:16 | Updated: 9 August 2023, 11:42

One man stole £80 worth of food and alcohol from Jeremy Clarkson's farm shop
One man stole £80 worth of food and alcohol from Jeremy Clarkson's farm shop. Picture: social media/alamy
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

Jeremy Clarkson has released a video of a 'brazen thief shoplifting £80 worth of food and alcohol' Diddly Squat farm shop.

The former Top Gear host, who opened his farm shop in 2020, shared footage of thief lifting several items on social media.

It shows a bearded man dressed in a dark top, body-warmer, and hat, taking several items off the shelves and putting them into his pocket.

"This man came “shopping” at the farm shop. I would like to meet the cu," Clarkson wrote.

Cops say two men arrived at the Diddly Squat farm shop in the same car.

One man bought nearly £70 worth of items, while the other man stole alcohol and food items totalling £80.

The theft happened at around 4.15pm on Tuesday afternoon in Oxfordshire.

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A spokesperson for Thames Valley police said: "We received a report of shoplifting at Diddly Squat Farm Shop in Chipping Norton Road, Chadlington, at around 4.15pm yesterday (8/8).

"Two men entered the shop after arriving in the same vehicle. One went to the till and bought £69-worth of goods while the other stole two bottles of alcohol and another unknown item, worth around £80.

"Both men then left the shop, got back in the vehicle and drove off in the direction of Burford."

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson. Picture: Alamy

It comes after Clarkson warned that his Hawkstone cider should be disposed of "immediately" using protection because it is at risk of exploding.

The TV star warned of a massive "c*** up" as health experts said it should be disposed of "immediately underwater wearing thick gloves and protective eyewear".

The batch is being recalled urgently and customers have been told to arrange a refund and replacement from Hawkstone, which was launched by Clarkson in 2021.

The Food Standards Agency said: "Please check any Hawkstone Cider you've bought recently. There's a small batch (L3160 on the bottlecap) that's over-fermenting, which means it might – in very extreme instances – explode.

"Please dispose of it immediately underwater wearing thick gloves and protective eye wear. Please bring bottlecap in along with your receipt for a refund or email with any queries you may have."