Transgender prisoner impregnates two inmates at US prison

18 July 2022, 11:28

Demi Minor is serving a 30-year sentence
Demi Minor is serving a 30-year sentence. Picture: Justice 4 Demi

Two inmates at a New Jersey women's prison became pregnant after having sex with a transgender prisoner.

The prisoner who claims to be responsible, Demi Minor, has now reportedly been moved to a men's prison.

On her blog Justice 4 Demi, she claimed to be responsible for the pregnancies at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in New Jersey.

She said while being moved to Garden State Youth Correctional Facility she attempted suicide and her request to be strip searched by a female officer was rejected.

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She spent time at New Jersey State Prison, where she said she was repeatedly misgendered by guards.

"I have accepted that I am in a male facility but I have not accepted nor will I ever agree to or accept that I am anything other than a woman who happens to be transgender," she wrote of Garden State.

She said she has been mistreated by guards and threatened by inmates there.

She claimed she was removed from Edna Mahan "as a punishment".

"They have violated my right to be safe and free from sexual harassment, by putting me in one of the most violent youth correctional facilities," she said.

She added: "They have thrown me to the wolfs [sic]... I am baffled and disgusted by this use (of) power and I can only ask that the commissioner and governor's office please send me back. I don't deserve to be treated like this."

Minor's blog says she is serving a 30-year prison sentence for manslaughter, and has been approved for correctional surgery.

Transgender inmates who identify as women have been able to serve their sentences in women's prisons since last year.

This followed a lawsuit at the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, which came after a transgender woman claimed she was abused at a male prison.