Uber To Be £1 More Expensive In London

5 April 2019, 13:05 | Updated: 5 April 2019, 13:16

An Uber vehicle
An Uber vehicle in London. Picture: PA

Uber users in London will face an extra £1.00 charge from Monday for journeys that enter the capital's Congestion Charge Zone.

In December 2018 Transport for London announced that, from April the 8th, minicabs would no longer be exempt from the Congestion Charge, in a move which combines with the new Ultra Low Emission Zone.

TfL say that air pollution is "one of the most significant challenges facing London, affecting the health of all Londoners".

The announcement was one of several moves, aimed at tackling congestion, reducing emissions and to improve air quality in the capital, with only zero-emission vehicles being exempt.

Minicab drivers will have to pay £11.50 Monday to Friday during the day, to travel within the zone.

From Monday, the ride hailing firm will add the £1.00 charge to passengers for any trips that enter the Congestion Charge Zone.

“To help ease the impact on driver earnings, Uber trips that start, finish or pass within that Zone will include a 1-pound Central London Fee,” said Uber.

The charges saw hundreds of minicab drivers protesting around the capital,

Alex Williams, TfL's Director of City Planning, said in a statement that “changes to the Congestion Charge and the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in April in central London will significantly benefit the health of all Londoners, including drivers.”

He also said that the charge will encourage private hire firms and drivers to operate more efficiently as 28 per cent of minicabs in the zone are empty.

The London Congestion Charge Zone
The London Congestion Charge Zone. Picture: Transport for London

The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain, say that the new charge will have an impact on driver's earnings, claiming the new charge could cut the average London private-hire driver’s salary to £26,337 per year from £29,097, while black-cab drivers will be unaffected.

City hall have said that if drivers wished to avoid the charges they could switch to low-emission vehicles.

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