UK to enjoy balmy 20C weather as swathes of country hit by ‘mini-heatwave’

13 April 2024, 10:30

It will be the UK's third day of warmer weather.
It will be the UK's third day of warmer weather. Picture: Alamy

By Jenny Medlicott

Weather maps show the UK is set for a ‘mini heatwave’ today as forecasts show parts of the country will experience highs of 20C.

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It comes after Friday was reported as the warmest day of the year so far, according to the Met Office.

Winds moving in from the southwest have sent a plume of Atlantic warmth across the country, resulting in higher temperatures the last two days.

The East and Southeast of England are predicted to see the best of the weather today.

Maps from Ventusky show Suffolk could hit a peak temperature of 21C around 3pm on Saturday, with surrounding areas in Essex and Norfolk to see highs of 20C.

The majority of Greater London will also experience the 20C weather.

Forecasts for the day make it the third consecutive day the country has experienced warmer temperatures, in what has been described as the UK’s first ‘mini heatwave’ of the year.

Further north, temperatures will be slightly lower, with highs of 14C forecast in parts of Yorkshire.

Terry Scholey, a meteorologist with Netweather, said: “While temperatures remain significantly above normal in the East and South, cooler weather will slowly work its way in from the Northwest of England... England and Wales continue mainly dry into the evening and after dark, with just a few showers for a time, mainly in the north and east.”

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Temperatures climbed in the UK this week.
Temperatures climbed in the UK this week. Picture: Alamy

The Met Office outlook

The Met Office says that despite the notable rise in temperatures this week, the warmer weather doesn’t meet the threshold for a technical heatwave.

However, despite the arrival of better weather in the country, the warmth isn’t set to stick around for long.

‘Dry and breezy’ weather has been forecast for Sunday, with some showers becoming more frequent’ across the north. Isolated instances of thunder and hail have also been forecast.

The forecaster’s long range forecast between 17 April and 26 April says: “Winds from the north or northwest are expected to affect the UK at the start of this period. Some showers or longer spells of rain are likely at times, these heaviest across the north and northwest.

“Conversely, many parts of the south and southeast are likely to remain mainly dry. Temperatures are expected to mostly be below normal. Through the latter part of this period a build of pressure will probably occur, meaning more in the way of dry weather across the UK as a whole.

“Some rain is still possible at times, if this develops it is more likely to affect the northwest. Temperatures will probably return to closer to normal, perhaps slightly above in places.”