Brits to bask in mini-heatwave as UK set to be hotter than Greece

14 March 2022, 10:17

The UK is set to be hotter than Greece on Wednesday.
The UK is set to be hotter than Greece on Wednesday. Picture: Alamy

By Emma Soteriou

Temperatures in the UK are set to soar as high as 19C by the middle of the week, becoming hotter than Greece and Spain.

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The week is expected to start with temperatures of 16C before peaking at 19C on Wednesday - warmer than Greece, which is forecast to reach 18C later in the week in Athens.

It will also beat Italy's capital, which is expected to have highs of 15C, and Madrid in Spain, which will reach 17C.

The hot weather will come as a 700-mile African heat burst blows over the UK and is set to stay for the rest of the week too.

A sunny St Patrick's Day is on the cards for Thursday and into the weekend, with highs of 16C.

It is the first sign of spring on the way for the UK, with temperatures being well above the average of 11C for March.

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A Met Office forecaster said: "Monday's sunny spells in the South will see temperatures a little above average.

"Tuesday will be dry in the South-East, with the North-West's rain spreading on Wednesday, but fine and sunny from Thursday for the UK.

"From then to late March has temperatures mild to very mild for most, with dry conditions and the sunniest weather in the South and East, although it may be chilly should winds tap into colder air across eastern Europe."

Meanwhile, John Hammond of weathertrending said: "Spring will be in the air, with a gentle breeze from the warming continent and temperatures rising through the teens.

"Wet weather will give way to sunshine, with a drier and warmer trend through mid-March."

The warm spells will be welcomed after the UK was hit with a bout of extreme weather in recent weeks, facing arctic blasts and three storms at the end of February.

Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin brought 90mph winds and flooding across several parts of the country.