Ukraine's British embassy forced to deny King Charles has died after false claims made on Russian TV

18 March 2024, 16:23 | Updated: 18 March 2024, 16:41

The British embassy in Kyiv has denied reports of King Charles' death
The British embassy in Kyiv has denied reports of King Charles' death. Picture: Alamy
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

Ukraine's British embassy has been forced to deny rumours of King Charles' death after false claims were made in Russian media.

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A number of Russian websites, TV programmes and social media accounts reported that the King had died aged 75 following a battle with cancer.

The websites cited 'unnamed media sources' in a series posts, forcing the British embassy in Ukraine to issue a strong denial.

"King Charles III of Great Britain has died at the age of 75, according to media reports," Russian newswire Sputnik reported initially.

"There is no information about this on the royal family website or in the British media," they added.

At the same time, images of a fake royal statement circulated on social media, which purported to confirm Charles' death.

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Putting the rumours to bed, a spokesperson for the British embassy in Kyiv said: "We would like to inform you that the news about the death of King Charles III is fake."

It is not clear whether the reporting in Russia media was a mistake on the part of journalists or attempted propaganda pushed by the Kremlin.

King Charles is reportedly determined to attend Trooping the Colour
King Charles is reportedly determined to attend Trooping the Colour. Picture: Getty

In any case, King Charles is reportedly determined to attend his official birthday celebrations - even if he has to enjoy Trooping The Colour from a carriage.

Palace aides are looking into how King Charles can participate in the festivities on June 15 as he continues to carry out his duties in private following his cancer diagnosis.

No decision has been made but options include Charles viewing the military parade from a podium or a carriage as his mother Queen Elizabeth II did in her later years.

"There would be a number of key events His Majesty would love to attend coming up in the diary and this is at the top of the list," a source told the Mail.