'Wagwan Boris': man being raided by police surprised to see Prime Minister in his flat

31 August 2022, 23:57 | Updated: 1 September 2022, 00:17

Boris Johnson joined a raid in south London today.
Boris Johnson joined a raid in south London today. Picture: Twitter @bmuhhh

By Kit Heren

A man whose flat was being raided by police on Wednesday was startled to find Boris Johnson in his flat.

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The Prime Minister was taking part in a dawn raid with police in West Norwood, in south-east London.

A man living in the flat that police raided walked out into his hallway where he greeted Mr Johnson with the words "Wagwan, Boris!"

'Wagwan' is Jamaican slang for 'what's going on?'

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The Prime Minister replied: "Good morning, how are you doing?"

Speaking on the video, the man said: "Bro, how the f**k did I get raided and Boris Johnson's here?'

In a caption he added: "Ay naaaaaa how can Boris Johnson raid the bando. You can't make this s**t up."

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Filming Mr Johnson, he said: "Let me put Boris on my phone, wagwan Boris!"

The PM’s appearance delighted resident Splinter Sales, who recorded the moment the pair met and shared it on social media.

There is no suggestion any items in the shared property belonged to the hip hop rapper.

He told the Independent : “I was so shocked, I was drunk last night, I woke up to see Boris Johnson in my face. I thought I was dreaming."

The rapper said he was not arrested, adding: “I don’t know what they were looking for but nothing happened to me.”

Boris Johnson joined a raid in south London today.
Boris Johnson joined a raid in south London today. Picture: Getty

Mr Johnson was with the interim Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Steve House and officers from Lewisham Police Station.

Detective Superintendent Victoria Sullivan, lead for south-east based Proactive Teams, said: “Drug dealing inflicts untold harm on our communities. Disrupting the lines of supply is central to our work in tackling violence which is the Met’s top priority. There are strong links between the two.

“This is just one of many enforcement operations being carried out daily as part of our focus on targeting the line holders, while also helping to safeguard the vulnerable people they exploit. Our message to the drug dealers is clear – we are coming for you.”

Liz Truss believes Sadiq Khan has 'not done enough' to combat crime in London

“Since April in Lambeth and Southwark alone, officers have shut down nine drug lines and recovered six firearms, with associated class A drugs and cash seizures, whilst in tandem neighbourhood teams are targeting drug and antisocial behaviour hotspots to help local residents.”

Mr Johnson is in the last few days of his premiership. The UK's new leader will be announced on Monday (September 5).

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, the contenders to succeed Mr Johnson, both criticised London mayor Sadiq Khan for the high crime rate in the capital under his tenure at a debate on Wednesday night.

A spokesman for Mr Khan accused the Tory leadership candidates of "making wild accusations about Sadiq".