'We own the Harry Potter house - and fans dressed as wizards knock on our door all day, all night to act out scenes'

12 June 2023, 10:34

Harry Potter 'lived' in the house in the fictional town of Little Whinging
Harry Potter 'lived' in the house in the fictional town of Little Whinging. Picture: Alamy

By Kit Heren

The owners of a house used as a set in the Harry Potter films have said they are fed up with people knocking on their door "all day and all night".

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The suburban house in Bracknell, Berkshire, stands in for the home that Harry lives in with the Dursley family in the fictional town of Little Whinging in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - the first film.

The street was recreated for later films on a sound stage for logistical reasons.

The current owners, who bought the home seven years ago, say a near-constant stream of adults and children flocking to see the house.

Some even wear the black robes of Hogwarts students and teachers to do their own versions of film scenes.

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There were eight Harry Potter films in total
There were eight Harry Potter films in total. Picture: Alamy

One person drove their Ford Anglia, in an echo of the flying car Harry and his best friend Ron drive in the second film.

The owner of the house said: “We've had people in floods of tears. It's bizarre. The kids, you get it. But obviously the adults. They dress up sometimes in full gear and recreate scenes.

She told the Sun: "People have travelled miles. From all over the world. People are sometimes really awkward. We are used to it, but not used to it in a way."

"Ten is the maximum we've had but people come in groups. People come in cars and it's all day and sometimes at night. The school holidays are the worst."

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The fictional house where Harry Lived with the Dursleys
The fictional house where Harry Lived with the Dursleys. Picture: Unknown

Harry’s first bedroom in the cupboard under the stairs is still there and has been untouched since filming in 2001.

It comes after Oxfam, the charity organisation, found itself in hot water after featuring a woman resembling JK Rowling in a cartoon promoting Pride Month. Oxfam denied a woman was JK Rowling.

The charity’s animated #ProtectThePride video was issued to mark Pride Month. It said it could not “ignore the cruel backdrop” against which LGBT people marked the celebration.

The woman, with blood-red eyes and face contorted in hate, was wearing a green dress – similar to one worn by Rowling at a film premiere – and was looking at the Pride flag.

JK Rowling
JK Rowling. Picture: Getty

As she appeared on screen, a caption said that LGBT people were “preyed on by hate groups online and offline”.In response, a wave of criticism ensued, with allegations that the character depicted was none other than the famous Harry Potter author, known for her vocal stance on gender identity issues.

Subsequently, Oxfam took down the controversial video, removing both the woman and the TERF reference. The organization issued an apology, expressing regret for any offence caused.