Liam Fox Claims Labour Are The Party AGAINST Young People's Interests

17 October 2017, 17:41 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 17:54

Labour is not the party that represents young people and instead is actually against their interests, Liam Fox has insisted to LBC.

The International Trade Secretary joined Iain Dale as inflation hit its highest rate in more than five years.

The Consumer Prices Index climbed to three per cent, a level last reached in 2012.

The fall in the pound since Brexit has been blamed as one of the factors behind the rise.

However, Dr Fox described the increase as a “little blip passing through the economy”.

He insisted the Conservatives were the only party adamant on “reducing the debt on the next generation”.

And despite a surge in popularity among young voters at the last election - the MP for North Somerset said Labour did not hold youngsters’ best wishes at heart.

He told Iain: “The Labour Party wants to spend hundreds of billions of pounds which they can’t afford and can only fall on to the next generation.

“Rather than being the party of young people, they’re the party that are against the interests of young people.”

Watch the interview above.