North Korea: The Latest News

Japan urged residents to take shelter after North Korea launched a missile

Japan urges residents to shelter after North Korea fires missile over Pacific Ocean

Putin has welcomed Kim to Russia in the hopes of putting together a deal for munitions

Smiling Putin and Kim Jong Un vow to fight a 'sacred' battle against the West as the tyrants meet for weapons talks

King Charles has sent good wishes to Kim Jong-un as he prepares to meet Putin

King Charles wishes North Korea well as Kim Jong-un travels to meet Putin for arms deal

Kim Jong-un is set to travel to Russia

North Korea's Kim Jong-un to travel to Russia for Ukraine war arms deal

The North Korean rocket launch failed

North Korean spy satellite launch fails as South Koreans woken by air raid siren and told to evacuate in 'false alarm'

North Korea launched the missile on Friday morning

North Korea fires missile that could have hit the US mainland, Japan says

Kim Jong Un has backed Putin in Ukraine

Kim backs Vlad: North Korea secretly sends Putin artillery shells as Russia batters Ukraine with strikes

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump

US Has "Until The End Of The Year" To Drop Sanctions Or North Korea Will Start Nuclear Missile Tests

Nigel Farage

Farage Rows With Caller Who Brands His Optimism Over Trump-Kim Summit "Ridiculous"

Shelagh Fogarty

The Call On The Trump-Kim Summit That Really Tested Shelagh Fogarty’s Patience

James O'Brien was not cheering the Trump-Kim summit

Why You Shouldn't Celebrate The Trump-Kim Summit: James O'Brien


Nigel Farage Reveals Fate Of Trump Nobel Peace Prize Bid

Trump letter

Donald Trump Cancels Summit With North Korea In Letter To Kim Jong-Un

Tom Swarbrick's interview with a North Korean spokesman was extraordinary

North Korea's Official Spokesman Tells LBC: Kim Jong-Un Is Just Like The Queen

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage: If Trump Is Right On North Korea, Maybe Trust Him On Iran Too

Ian Collins, Kim Jong-un

Give Kim Jong-Un The Nobel Peace Prize, Caller Tells Ian Collins