Andrew Tate sought help from right-wing politicians saying it would be 'very good for their careers'

1 March 2023, 10:49

Andrew Tate has been in prison in Romania since the end of December
Andrew Tate has been in prison in Romania since the end of December. Picture: Getty
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

Andrew Tate has sought the help of right-wing politicians in Romania to help fight his sex trafficking charges, telling them it would be "very good for their careers".

The controversial former kickboxer told his associates to tell Romanian politicians George Simion and Diana Iovanovici-Sosoaca that he was being framed.

"So make it clear to them: You will get a lot of votes when Tate says you took their side," according to wiretaps of his phone calls submitted to a Romanian court.

A transcription of Tate's wiretapped calls were included in a court document, dated February 21, but Simion denies he was contacted by Tate or his associates, according to Reuters.

When asked if he thought the social media personality had been framed, Simion said: "The justice system will decide, not politicians."

Andrew Tate has remained in detention in Romania since the end of December
Andrew Tate has remained in detention in Romania since the end of December. Picture: Getty

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Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Iovanovici-Sosoaca, a senator, said the wiretapped conversations were "lies".

Tate, 36, was initially arrested alongside his brother Tristan in Bucharest on December 29 on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and being part of an organised crime gang.

Both Tate brothers deny the allegations against them. They were bundled into a Romanian police station in late January for questioning, with the duo ranting about their innocence in the process.

Speaking in January, Tristan Tate was taken for police questioning first as he shouted: "That is why I am in jail - I have money they are trying to steal!" His brother Andrew followed behind, who said: "We have done nothing wrong."

Andrew Tate was arrested alongside his brother Tristan
Andrew Tate was arrested alongside his brother Tristan. Picture: Getty

He was then asked if he thinks he is the victim of injustice, replying: “Of course it’s unjust - there is no justice in Romania!”

The brothers' lawyer, Tina Glandian, said it was important that her clients were presumed innocent, regardless of comments they have made that some might find offensive.

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"I think a lot of what of the discussion towards is leaning towards is the content that they put on social media," Ms Glandian told LBC.

"But I thinks very important that we draw a line between what people may view as speech that is offensive and what is criminal.

"My role here as his attorney is to make sure that he gets a fair process which we think in cases like this, which are high profile, often times there are lots of leaks, there's misinformation out there.

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"This ends up being something that is tried in the court of public opinion."

Tate's lawyer added that something that one might find "personally offensive is not the same thing as it being illegal", and asked: "Do we arrest rap artists for their lyrics?"

Tate has remained active on social media, despite being in detention since the end of December.

In an email sent to subscribers in January - titled "lessons from his unjust imprisonment" - the former kickboxer said the judicial system is trying to "break" him.

"Thrown inside a cell without light," he said."Cockroaches, lice and bed bugs, are my only friends at night.

"When the guards bring me to and from the courtroom, I stay absolutely respectful.

"They try to pour hatred into my heart. But please and thank you, you stick with me at all times.

"Our prison guards are just performing their jobs, they have families to feed in times of hardship. Do not forget your manners.

"They are trying to break my iron mind with unjust imprisonment. My absolute respect for everyone around me is my act of absolute rebellion.

"They cannot break me."