Aisle be back: Arnold Schwarzenegger joins forces with Lidl to promote DIY tool range

30 August 2023, 10:17

Arnie has teamed up with Lidl to promote its DIY range
Arnie has teamed up with Lidl to promote its DIY range. Picture: YouTube

By Will Taylor

Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone from Terminator to tool promoter and become the face of Lidl's DIY range.

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The Predator star is now the face of the Parkside brand's marketing in a surprising meeting of Hollywood and German discount supermarket.

"I'm here to talk about my tools for success. Everything I have ever built was because I had the power in the palm of my hands. Just like you," he says.

He then throws a much skinnier man power tools.

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Parkside – You got this!

"I was not afraid to fail, to think outside the box. I built a new box!" he tells children, before arriving to help a man while wearing Terminator-style sunglasses.

"A plan is only as great as the tools you use to execute it," he explains, before he is seen carving his own wood monument of one of his iconic poses from his bodybuilding days.

"The muscles scare the birds," he tells an onlooker.

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The Austrian-born star is promoting more than 100 products in the range and is expected to appear in a range of TV and social media adverts.

Lidl, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its first store opening in Germany, said: "DIY is for everyone – that's what Parkside is all about. The brand is especially aimed at all those who like to repair, build and garden."

The supermarket is no stranger to partnering Lidl with LA, having recruited stars including Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton for its campaigns.