Billionaire hedge fund manager seeks 'iPad butler' to look after family's Apple gadgets

4 November 2022, 10:16

Mr Rokos has put an advert out for a VIP tech support employee
Mr Rokos has put an advert out for a VIP tech support employee. Picture: Alamy

By Will Taylor

A hedge fund billionaire has posted a job for an "iPad butler" to look after his family's gadgets.

Chris Rokos, whose firm is one of the world's biggest hedge funds, wants a VIP support engineer to provide "day-to-day technical support for a senior member of our Partnership Board, spanning both their professional and personal lives and that of their family".

The LinkedIn advert, which did not contain a salary, called for a person whose role will see them "own all home entertainment services" and give "support for a senior member of our partnership board and their family".

"Resolving — in a pro-active and timely manner — all incidents flagged, providing desk-side and remote support," the advert adds.

Applicants will need at least a 2:1 degree from a Russell Group university, a "strong academic background" and a "comprehensive understanding of Apple media products and features".

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Mr Rokos, 52, is the founder of Rokos Capital Management, the Savile Row based business which is one of the largest hedge funds in the world. It has about $14.5 billion in assets.

He raked in more than £500m last year, according to The Times, and owns property in Wiltshire.

A quad at Pembroke College, Oxford, is named after him after he made a donation, and he was involved in the National Gallery campaign to save the Diana and Actaeon painting by Titian for the country in 2009.

The Apple products experience is needed in include "Apple TV, HomePod, iPad, iPhone, Family Sharing, iTunes, Photos".

The advert on LinkedIn, which appeared to have been taken town by Friday morning, had attracted more than 60 candidates in the two weeks it ran.