'As important as the baguette': Two Tory MPs fighting to block Sadiq Khan's cuts to parts of number 11 bus route

18 April 2023, 08:48 | Updated: 18 April 2023, 09:32

Tory MPs trying to stop Sadiq Khan's cuts to number 11 bus route

By Phoebe Dampare Osei

Two Conservative MPs are trying to stop Sadiq Khan's plans to shorten the bus 11 route - one of the oldest buses in London dating back to 1906.

The MP for Chelsea and Fulham Greg Hands told LBC's reporter Henry Riley that the route, which has served central London for over a century, is being "radically altered".

He said: "Instead of going from Fulham Broadway to Liverpool Street, it will go from Fulham Broadway, have the route more than cut in half, and just go over to Waterloo."

"I think it is cultural vandalism as well as inconveniencing thousands of passengers", he added.

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Greg Hands and Nickie Aiken are determined for the route not to be shortened.
Greg Hands and Nickie Aiken are determined for the route not to be shortened. Picture: LBC

Nickie Aiken, Conservative MP for the Cities of London and Westminister said: "We know that thousands of local people and tourists love the Number 11."

"Greg and I want to ensure that Mayor knows that he is ridding London of an iconic, much loved, much-used bus route", she added.

Mr Hands continued: "We're inspired by President Macron, and France has got the baguette listed as the cultural heritage of France."

"So the number 11 is as important as the baguette?" Henry asked, which the MPs heartily confirmed.

They have also made a proposal for the number 11 bus and the route itself to be a UNESCO world heritage site.

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