Outrage as 'delusional' man, 41, gets parents to pay his rent from their pension and refuses to get job that's 'beneath him'

8 December 2023, 17:46 | Updated: 8 December 2023, 17:47

Brint Davy was called 'delusional'
Brint Davy was called 'delusional'. Picture: Instagram/Facebook

By Kit Heren

A former journalist in his 40s has caused outrage after admitting to getting his parents to pay his rent and refusing to take jobs that are "beneath him".

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Brint Davy, 41, said he has no job, and no savings, as well as a sizeable amount of debt from gambling and online pornography subscriptions.

His parents have been paying his way since he was fired from his job as a journalist in 2018, he told the Financial Audit podcast.

He told host Caleb Hammer: "I'm just hustling every day basically because I have been blacklisted from most jobs.

"I have a criminal background. I told [Texas] Governor Abbott on Twitter that I would eat his heart and that solicited a big reaction."

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Brint Davy
Brint Davy. Picture: Facebook

He was arrested and spent four days in prison after making the threat, he said.

"It sounds way worse than it was because I'm not a cannibal for one — I don't eat hearts — and the state really wanted to prosecute me.

"They were thinking about making it a felony for a while and they just dragged it all out for a year and it took a long time."

Brint said the ordeal had made it much harder for him to find work.

He said he is still applying for jobs, but mostly gets immediately turned down, or gets told he is too qualified.

Brint Davy
Brint Davy. Picture: Instagram

"They either say I'm overqualified nicely which just kind of sucks and sometimes I'll be like 'yeah I know but I want a job.'"

He added: "My savings are gone. I'm mostly dependent upon my parents. They pay my rent. I know it sucks but they're really nice."

The podcast host said that Brint should get a job and stop unnecessary spending on things he can't afford.

But Brint said that he didn't want to take a job that was beneath him, like working in a fast food restaurant.

He also said he felt embarrassed about getting his parents to pay his $1,500 rent, but that they were wealthy and could afford it.

A thread on the Financial Audit subreddit dedicated to Brint contained many comments criticising him.

Brint Davy
Brint Davy. Picture: Instagram

One poster said: "The guy definitely gave off delusional, incel AND narcissistic vibes the entire time.

"Covid hurt a lot of people, but this guy has been at home for like 7 years? Can't cook a burger at 41. Paying for only fans. Taking out loans just because. Gambling because bored. Just ugh.

"In addition to that, he thinks he [was] so talented and has amazing skills... I felt like everything he said professionally was made up.

"I just... don't know what to feel? I want to be hopeful, but this guy was SO entitled, SO delusional and SO frustrating. I felt like I wanted to punch him the entire time.

Another commenter said: "I hope he finds job where his so called knowledge is appreciated but i really dont have much hope for him."

A third wrote: "This probably is the worst person in terms of morality he’s had on the show. Complete a**hole.

"This guy is 41 and a narcissistic douchebag who’s relying on mommy and daddy to subsidize his poor life decisions."

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