Married father-of-two dentist 'gyrated against female staff and told teenage trainee he was a sex addict'

3 May 2023, 19:28

Kulwinder Verdee has been suspended
Kulwinder Verdee has been suspended. Picture: Facebook

By Kit Heren

A married dentist and father of two has been suspended for 18 months after allegedly gyrating against a female colleague and telling a teenage trainee he was a "horny... sex addict" just weeks after she began working with him.

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Kulwinder Virdee, 51, allegedly told the 19-year-old his condition made him feel "horny all day".

The dentist is accused of inappropriately touching, making lewd comments and showering the trainee in WhatsApp messages outside of work hours.

Mr Virdee, who worked at Bispham dental practice in Blackpool, was recorded in secret while making some of the alleged comments.

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The recording was played at a tribunal convened after the woman and several others made complaints to the General Dental Council.

Kulwinder Verdee
Kulwinder Verdee. Picture: Facebook

He is alleged to have touched the complainant several times, stroked her thigh when she was sitting next to him and trying to put his hand on her private parts.

In the recording, he said: "Can’t a guy sit innocently admiring the view?‘Mmm - just let me know when you’re the most horny yeah.

"When you are the most horny...what time of day?….morning, evening - me all day, that’s really good isn’t it?’

Mr Virdee said: "I think I’ve got a sex addiction that’s what it is I think....have you?

"Now. What’s underneath that? Oh Jesus. I do love your booty. I think a booty rub is innocent isn’t it?

"I like being with you....I’ve told you before you can’t help who you are attracted to can you?

Kulwinder Verdee
Kulwinder Verdee. Picture: Facebook

‘You can’t, you can’t help it… Just look at me. Yep, definitely you would, you would. Yes honestly. I want to f*** you just tell me when."

The complainant began working at the practice in October last year, the tribunal heard.

Mr Virdee sent 27 WhatsApp messages and made seven calls to her between November 30 and February 23, including one at 11.37pm.

The complainant told him to stop in response.

Other people working at the practice said he had engaged in other inappropriate sexual activity, including "rubbing and gyrating" against a female colleague, and slapping the thighs of another.

One of his colleagues said that the inappropriate sexual behaviour has been going on for decades. They said: "21 years I have worked here and 21 years it has been going on for… I have said you cannot speak to young girls like that. 

"He would respond 'I know, I’m vile'."

Mr Virdee also allegedly discussed topics like "dogging, cottaging, and prostitution" in front of colleagues during working hours, and is alleged to have sent several inappropriate WhatsApp pictures to colleagues.

The dentist denies touching staff inappropriately and said the conversation in the audio recording had been "taken out of context".

But he admitted he sometimes made "sexual jokes or innuendo" at work.

Mr Virdee has not been working since February 6.

Writing on the practice’s Facebook page he said: "After 23 years at Bispham, I am sorry to say that due to circumstances beyond my control, I am unable to see you at this time.

"I know that we have come to know each other well and that it is difficult when you can’t see me.

"I am hoping to have some solution in place but it may be some time before I can return."

A further investigation is being carried out by the General Dental Council, and Mr Virdee's suspension will be reviewed in six months.

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