Shocking moment driver smashes into car while doing three-point turn in road

13 April 2023, 12:47

A car pulled out in the middle of the road.
A car pulled out in the middle of the road. Picture: Social media

By Emma Soteriou

Dashcam footage has shown the shocking moment a driver smashed into a car while doing a three-point-turn.

The video - shared on TikTok - shows a car travelling at a fair speed along a country road.

A silver car comes into view in a layby on the left side of the road and pulls out into the middle of the road before abruptly stopping as if it were starting a three-point-turn.

The driver using dashcam footage can be seen swerving into the right-hand lane to avoid the car.

But the two vehicles still collide, with the silver car's bumper and right side wheel hitting the car.

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People in the comment section were quick to debate who was in the wrong over the incident.

Some said that the car with the dashcam was going too fast while others believed the silver car should have checked properly before pulling out.

One person said: "If the camera car was sensible, they would have braked rather than trying to maintain momentum going around it. Could have been avoided with patience."

A second person commented: "We do emergency stops in our driving lessons for a reason. Use ya damn brakes."

But someone else argued: "Ford at fault 10000000% crossing a solid double white line."

A fourth person said: "Not checking your mirror for speeding cars is only half the problem. Crossing a double solid line is the other half."