Horror footage shows machete-wielding men descend into brawl on busy London street

21 April 2024, 14:32 | Updated: 21 April 2024, 16:16

Choas erupted on Edgware Road in London
Chaos erupted on Edgware Road in London. Picture: London & UK Street News

By Flaminia Luck

Witnesses were stunned as a number of men engaged in a violent altercation on a busy street in north west London.

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The conflict erupted, reportedly on Saturday, after someone tried to ram his car into others on Edgware Road.

A crowd of pedestrians filmed as a white car manoeuvred on the street with two men following its movements.

The driver then unsuccessfully tries to use the vehicle as a battering ram to knock over the men.

Warning: graphic content

The pedestrians then attack the car, trying to get to the driver.

One man jabs an unknown object through the open window of the vehicle.

The driver then opens the door and proceeds to get something out the boot.

He appears to retrieve a weapon and proceeds to attack the men who are gathered around his car.

The brawl then moves away from the vehicle as the armed man takes swings.

Screams and shouts can be heard from onlookers.

Footage of the incident was shared on social media.

The Metropolitan Police has been contacted for comment.

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The incident was filmed by an onlooker
The incident was filmed by an onlooker. Picture: London & UK Street News