Elon Musk challenges Putin to 'single combat' for Ukraine

14 March 2022, 14:32

Elon Musk has challenged Putin to a 'fight for Ukraine'
Elon Musk has challenged Putin to a 'fight for Ukraine'. Picture: Alamy

By Daisy Stephens

Elon Musk has challenged Vladimir Putin to a 'fight for Ukraine' on Twitter.

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The Tesla billionaire wrote: "I hereby challenge Владимир Путин to single combat.

"Stakes are Україна."

Владимир Путин translates to Vladamir Putin, whilst Україна means Ukraine.

He then posted a follow-up tweet, tagging the Kremlin Twitter account, which translated to: "Do you agree to this fight?"

The post has been criticised on Twitter, with one user writing: "Dear Elon, people are dying there in Ukraine. Don't make a joke about it."

Others have accused Mr Musk of bring the US into the war, with one person saying: "This could potentially be seen as US aggression. Enjoy that responsibility..."

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Putin's invasion of Ukraine has continued on Monday, with a block of flats in Kyiv being struck by Russian shells.

Two people died and many more were injured and trapped under the rubble.

It was also revealed that a pregnant woman and her baby died after Russian forces bombed a maternity hospital.

Drone footage shows extent of destruction in Mariupol

Elon Musk has caused trouble by posting on social media in the past.

His controversial tweets invited a lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

He also tweeted "Tesla stock price is too high imo", wiping $14b off the value of the company.

In an interview mr Musk said he saw Twitter as a "war zone" and said he "was always crazy" on the website, on which he has over 77 million followers.