'Unseasonably warm' temperatures predicted for October as Met Office issues fresh forecast after Storm Agnes

28 September 2023, 16:35 | Updated: 28 September 2023, 16:46

The Met Office has predicted an 'unseasonably' warm October
The Met Office has predicted an 'unseasonably' warm October. Picture: Getty/Alamy
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

Brits will be treated to an 'unseasonably warm' October, the Met Office has predicted.

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It follows a wet and windy few months throughout the summer, with Brits having to wait until early September for a long-awaited heatwave.

It is expected to be especially warm by October's usual weather standards in the south of England.

“We are anticipating a warmer than average end to September, which will bleed into October," Met Office meteorologist Grahame Madge said.

It is likely to be an 'unseasonably' warm October
It is likely to be an 'unseasonably' warm October. Picture: Getty

"We’re looking at temperatures of six or seven degrees above average," he added.

“There won’t be a heatwave but a warmer than average spell is certainly on the cards, with the warmest temperatures likely to be in Southampton, Hampshire, East Anglia and London, which will see the low 20s next week.”

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It could reach as high as 23C on Tuesday, the forecaster has said.

Temperatures will then hover around or above 20C for the rest of the week.

It is unlikely to reach as high as it did in Kent in October 2011, however, where it peaked at 29.9C.

Large waves reach the shoreline near Pendennis Castle at Gylllyngvase Beach
Large waves reach the shoreline near Pendennis Castle at Gylllyngvase Beach. Picture: Getty

It comes after a woman had to be rescued from her car after getting stranded amid strong winds brought by Storm Agnes.

The woman was trapped in her car, which was submerged in a river in County Londonderry in Northern Ireland, as Agnes brought 80mph winds, heavy rain and flooding to the island.Firefighters found the car and hauled the woman out.

She was taken to hospital to be treated for hypothermia and shock.Elsewhere, a roof was torn off a house in County Cork by the sheer force of the winds.

An easyJet plane was unable to land in Belfast on Wednesday afternoon because of "winds gusting outside the limits of the aircraft".