Exact date huge snow storm forecast for later this month

20 March 2024, 17:53 | Updated: 21 March 2024, 07:14

Snow could hit the UK later this month
Snow could hit the UK later this month. Picture: Alamy/Ventusky
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

A huge snow storm is expected to hit the UK later this month, despite rising temperatures this week.

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Several inches of snow are expected in some parts of the country as a big, low pressure system moves through the country.

The south west of England and Wales are expected to be affected the most on March 30, according to the new forecast.

It will then make its way north, hitting Leeds, according to weather app Ventusky.

What does the Met Office say?

Snow could hit the UK later this year
Snow could hit the UK later this year. Picture: Alamy

The Met Office has said there will be an "unsettled" period of weather across the UK next week.

"A couple of weather systems [could] bring rain or showers to most areas, with strong winds in places and temperatures near to a little below normal for late March," its long-range forecast from March 25 to April 3.

"Perhaps staying relatively drier in the north, with some wintry showers possible for northern Scotland on Monday."

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Ventusky weather maps
Ventusky weather maps. Picture: Ventusky

"Through the bank holiday weekend and into the following week, unsettled or changeable weather remains the most likely outcome," it continues.

"All areas are likely to see further rain or showers at times, with some drier spells in between, but wet weather will tend to favour the southwest while northern parts remain a bit drier on average.

"Temperatures will probably continue near normal for the time of year."