Coronation Day: Who are King Charles and Queen Camilla's Pages of Honour?

6 May 2023, 09:15

King Charles in a blue suit and Queen Camilla  wearing a cream cut with an insert of Prince George looking out of a car window
King Charles and Queen Camilla have each picked four Pages of Honour for their coronation. Picture: Alamy

By Zoe Adams

King Charles and his wife have chosen eight Pages of Honour including Prince George and Camilla's grandchildren.

The Coronation service at Westminster Abbey will be broken down into five parts with one needing eight Pages of Honour.

King Charles and his wife Camilla, who will also be crowned on the day, have carefully chosen four members each for the roles including Prince George and some of her grandchildren including Gus and Louis Lopes and Freddy Parker Bowles.

The Pages of Honour will form part of the procession through the Nave of Westminster Abbey.

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So who are all eight Pages of Honour? Here's the full list including whether they were chosen by Charles or Camilla.

King Charles greeting UK crowds ahead of his coronation day wearing a black blazer and pink tie
King Charles has picked grandson Prince George as one of his Pages of Honour for Coronation Day. Picture: Alamy

Who are King Charles's Pages of Honour?

Prince George of Wales

Prince William and Kate Middleton's oldest son has been chosen for the important role, especially as second in line to the throne.

George has always confidently taken part in royal ceremonies and its expected he will play the most prominent role out of the eight.

It's believed siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will also join the royal procession back to Buckingham Palace.

Lord Oliver Cholmondeley

Not an official family member, Lord Oliver Cholmondeley is the 13-year-old son of close family friends 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley (Lord Cholmondeley) and Rose Hanbury.

Their royal connections are strong with Lord Cholmondeley acting as Lord Great Chamberlain of the UK from 1990 to 2022. He has also recently been appointed as Lord-in-Waiting to the King.

His wife Rose's maternal grandmother was the late Lady Elizabeth Lambart, who was one of the late Queen's bridesmaids.

Ralph Tollemache

Ralph, aged 12, is the eldest son of Edward and Sophie Tollemache. Ralph's father Edward is an aristocrat, banker and heir apparent of Timothy Tollemache, 5th Baron Tollemache.

King Charles is also Edward's godfather and also served the Page of Honour role for the late Queen Elizabeth.

Nicholas Barclay

Aged 13, Nicholas is the son of Rose Trouton, the King's goddaughter, and solicitor Piers Barclay.

Rose is also the daughter of Colman Mustard's heir, Sarah Troughton who is Charles's second cousin.

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Queen Camilla smiling while wearing a white hat with a feather feature
Queen Camilla has filled her Pages of Honour with grandchildren and close family. Picture: Alamy

Who are Queen Camilla's Pages of Honour?

Gus and Louis Lopes

Gus and Louis are Camilla's grandsons, the twin sons of her only daughter Laura Lopes and her husband Harry.

They're aged 13 and the younger brothers of their older sister Eliza who was a bridesmaid for Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Young Gus's role on the day came under question when he broke his arm but it's been confirmed he will still take part in the service.

Freddy Parker Bowles

Another one of Camilla's grandsons, Freddy is the younger son of writer and author, Tom Parker Bowles and his ex-wife, fashion writer, Sara Buys.

Tom is also the King's godson.

Arthur Elliot

Arthur is the eldest son of Camilla's nephew Ben Elliot and his wife Mary-Clare. Ben was previously the chairman of the Conservative party and was the co-founder of Quintessentially Group and Hawthorn Advisers.