Face of Boris Johnson spotted in chicken Korma by carer who sees it as 'premonition' of things to come

19 October 2022, 23:30

The korma (left) and Boris Johnson (right)
The korma (left) and Boris Johnson (right). Picture: Alamy and Agency
Fran Way

By Fran Way

A carer has spotted an uncanny resemblance to Boris Johnson…in a chicken korma.

Jonathan Hoitinga was innocently making the curry for one of his clients when he looked down and spotted eight pieces of chicken in the shape of the former prime minister.

He now thinks it could be a ‘premonition’ that the politician is on his way back to Number 10 to replace Liz Truss.

Mr Hoitinga, who is from Leatherhead, Surrey, said: “I was preparing dinner for one of my clients at their home.

“He said to me specifically he wanted the rice and curry kept separate. When I went to pick up the plate, I saw it.

“I said ‘oh it looks like a face. It looks like Boris’. He found it funny. He said it looked like him then said ‘well, I’m going to eat him now’.

“The chicken fell into place so it looked like a face. His hair is a bit dishevelled, it’s part of the act. He doesn’t have a sensible hair do, it’s part of his thing.”

The chicken korma
The chicken korma. Picture: kennedynewsandmedia

The dad-of-one said he now thinks that it could be a sign Boris is returning to his post as Prime Minister and admits that he ‘couldn’t do any worse than Liz Truss’ currently is.

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He said he voted for the Conservative leader in the 2019 election but Boris wouldn’t get his support if he made a comeback.

He said: “It could be a sign, you never know. You could say it’s a premonition. I’m not a big fan but it wouldn’t surprise me if he came back to politics with what’s happening right now.

“I did like him and I did vote for him and I’ll be honest. Now I see how he’s done, I wouldn’t vote for him again.

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“I’ve always found him entertaining, he has a laugh but you need someone more serious running the country.

“He’s fine if he’s got the right people around him. He couldn’t do any worse than Liz [Truss].”

The image was shared on social media and has now racked up more than a quarter of a million likes.

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One person wrote: “It would probably do a better job of running the country too.”

Another added: “The representation of his hair isn’t dishevelled enough but the face is spot on.”