German man stabs friend 11 times following 'row in a sauna about the length of their penises'

15 March 2023, 05:50

Stock image of a wooden sauna
Stock image of a wooden sauna. Picture: Alamy

By Chris Samuel

A German man has been handed a suspended sentence after he stabbed his friend 11 times following a heated fight in a sauna about the size of their penises.

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A 29-year-old man stabbed his 37-year-old friend after a drunken argument on April 3, 2022, a court in Paderborn, Germany, heard last week.

The man and his brother-in-law, 39, met in the victims house, and the three of them drank alcohol together and decided to go to the host's sauna at 5am.

The court told German paper Bild am Sonntag: "All involved were already significantly drunk. One of the men supposedly poured beer over the sauna stones."

A fight broke out between the host and his guests at the sauna, which ended with a "heated fight about the length of their penises".

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The third man separated them and left for a house in the neighbourhood around 7.15am with his brother-in-law.

The 29-year-old, who was reportedly unable to calm his anger about the fight, returned two hours later and, after a "mutual confrontation", produced a knife and stabbed the victim 11 times.

Stock image of a wooden sauna
Stock image of a wooden sauna. Picture: Alamy

The victim suffered serious injuries to his lungs and left arm and was taken to hospital.

The attacker was arrested and his blood alcohol levels were taken, which, two hours after the stabbing, were still 2.9 - which the judge said brought him "close to criminal incapacity".

The 29-year-old was charged with causing "dangerous bodily harm" and was handed suspended two-year sentence after admitting guilt and paying €10,000 in damages to the victim.